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4 Signs That You Are Addicted To Gambling

When people think of addiction, the first thing that often comes to their minds is drugs or alcohol. However, not all addictions require consuming or injecting something into the body. Defined by the NIDA as a chronic and compulsive brain condition, addiction can involve both internal and external substances.

Gambling is a common external addiction, and knowing the signs associated with it can help you or someone you love get help.

1. Lying or Secrecy

It may be a result of the person’s subconscious recognizing that their actions are not a good thing, but lying about a gambling addiction is often a major sign. People with a gambling addiction will often do whatever they can to keep it a secret.

They may outright lie about their actions, or even make up elaborate excuses about where they’ve been or their money habits. It is fairly common with addiction for the person to possibly feel guilty or even shameful about their actions, and will do anything from bringing attention to it.

2. You Frequently Borrow Money

Addicted To Gambling

Frequently borrowing money to gamble with is a sign of addiction.

A person with a gambling addiction is often unable to recognize that they need to stop. Addiction in general, the NIDA states, tends to have complete control over the person, preventing them from recognizing dangers associated with the addiction.

When a gambling addict begins to lose money, they don’t see it as a sign that they should stop or step away. Instead, they will continue until they run out of their own money and will borrow money from family and friends with the promise of paying them back later on. They may do whatever is necessary to get ahold of money to fuel the habit, even going into extreme debt.

3. It’s The Most Important Thing In Your Life

All kinds of addiction is all-consuming, becoming the number one priority in the person’s life and pushing everything to the wayside. Gambling addiction is no different, with the person’s life revolving around the game. They soon stop caring about all other things in their life: family, friends, their work, their personal care.

Often, addiction can make it seem like they’re walking through life with blinders on, not noticing the problems that their addiction is causing. They are often unable to stop on their own, and may continue gambling as a need.

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4. You Gamble To Forget

It is suspected that addictions develop as a means for the person to cope with something in their life. The focus of the addiction functions as a distraction, and the allure of the addiction becomes stronger the better it is able to help the person forget about their problems.

Many gamblers, even those who are not addicted, will play as a distraction from their day-to-day. There’s a rush that comes from winning, which can prove to be euphoric and can become an escape. The game will continue for a gambling addict so long as it keeps them away from the stress and problems of their daily life.

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