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5 Excuses People use to not go to a Treatment Center

Drug treatment is not one of the places people actively choose to go. Many drug abusers will think up hundreds of reasons why they cannot or why it is impossible for them to go to drug treatment. Most of these excuses are variations on the same things. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, many people do not understand why people do not just stop using. Unfortunately, this appears for some to be impossible. Instead they come up with excuses to not get help from a treatment center.

1. I Can Handle My Drug Use

This is one of the most common lies told by drug users. They believe they can handle their addiction but when it comes to stopping, they have a difficult time. Most addicts have a very hard time stopping on their own yet they think that they can. They will openly state that they can handle their drug use despite evidence that they cannot. Even when they are presented with this evidence they will swear that they can still handle their drug use.

2. I am Only Hurting Myself

drug addiction

Drug addicts believe they have control over their drug use.

This common excuse is just blatantly untrue. Drug users hurt themselves as well as those who care about them. In certain instances, they hurt people they do not know as well. In the case of drunk or drugged driving, someone using drugs might injure or kill an innocent person who had nothing to do with the drug use.

3. I Can Stop Whenever I want

This is something that most addicts eventually say and rarely do. They say they do not need treatment because they can stop whenever they feel like it. Unfortunately, with most physically addictive drugs this is completely untrue. Once someone is physically addicted to drugs, it becomes almost impossible to stop and with certain drugs, it becomes dangerous to stop. Alcohol and benzodiazepines are two drugs that stopping suddenly can be deadly.

4. I Can’t Leave My Family, My Job, My Friends

Many people consider drug addiction treatment as inpatient treatment only. They believe they have to leave their families or jobs in order to get off the drugs. This is not true. There are many outpatient and combined treatment options that allow people to go to school, work, or home during their treatment and still receive the counseling and medication they need to remain off drugs.

5. They are Not Ready to Stop

People say they are not ready to stop. They state that when they are ready they will seek treatment. This excuse is hard to combat particularly when the drug use is not affecting their life yet. Most people who use this excuse see it as an excuse but will continue to use the drug despite the harm they see it is causing.

Unfortunately, there are many more excuse people use to not seek drug treatment. For information on how to combat these excuses call use at 800-721-8114.

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