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Heroin addiction

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The top heroin treatment centers provide effective rehabilitation and care for those suffering from dangerous and often deadly addictions to heroin or other opiate based drugs. These programs can provide a safe place for the addict to detoxify, receive counseling and therapy and ultimately recover from addiction to take back control of their lives.

Heroin is a highly addictive street drug that is very difficult to stop using due largely in part to the extreme level of withdrawal symptoms that result from the use of this drug. In fact, it is said that an individual becomes (to some degree) immediately addicted to heroin with only a single use – that’s just how terribly addicting heroin is. Fortunately, there are many different types of treatment available for those suffering from heroin addiction.

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Many of the treatment programs that are available for those suffering from heroin addiction are community based programs that use a method of replacement therapy to treat the addiction. Such therapies include medications such as Suboxone or Methadone that help the patient to cope with withdrawal symptoms and ultimately stop using heroin. Unfortunately, this type of treatment is not always the most effective as some of these medications can cause a dependence of their own making the newly recovering heroin addict now addicted to another substance.

What is Heroin?

Heroin is an opiate analgesic drug that is a derivative of the poppy plant. Once considered a non-addicted pain medication, heroin was later found to be one of the most dangerous and addicting drugs in the world. Today, heroin is often snorted, smoked or injected to produce a relaxing effect than can last anywhere from a few hours to a day depending on the level of use and the user. Heroin is a highly dangerous drug that has already taken the lives of millions of people around the world and the physical dependence that forms when this drug is used is very difficult for the addict to cope with.

Leading Causes of Heroin Addiction

Heroin creates an almost immediate need for additional drugs in order for the addict to “feel” ok. Physically, an individual becomes dependent on heroin from the very first use of the drug because without it the body feels achy, sick, nauseous and uncomfortable. Not all people who become addicted to heroin start out as heroin users. For some, heroin addiction is the result of an opiate addiction that occurs from prescribed medications such as Oxycontin, Roxy’s, or a similar drug.

Because heroin is often easier to get ahold of on the street than prescription medications, some people who are addicted to opiate medications will turn to heroin simply because they can’t find the prescription that they crave. Heroin addiction can result from a variety of different reasons but the bottom line is – this addiction is treatable and recovery is possible with the help heroin addiction treatment centers.

Why Quit Heroin?

Heroin addiction is devastating to both the addict and to those who care about the individual. It fully consumes every aspect of the addict’s life because every single thing that the individual does will revolve around finding their next fix, getting high and then finding more heroin. Some addicts call this, “chasing the dragon.”

In its worst case scenario, heroin use can lead to deadly overdose. On the lesser end, the use of heroin results in a range of symptoms including fatigue, depression, nausea, vomiting, and loss of productivity. Below is a further look at some of the symptoms of heroin addiction and withdrawal.

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Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

When the addict does stop taking heroin they are subject to a range of withdrawal symptoms that can make it very difficult to say no to the drug. It’s the physical withdrawal symptoms that an addict faces which usually make them turn back to using more heroin, just to make the symptoms “disappear or go away.” It’s a vicious cycle, using the drug, coming down and feeling sick, finding and using more of the drug, coming down and feeling sick…it goes on and on.

Heroin addiction and withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Poor eating habits
  • Dilated pupils
  • Puffy face
  • Weight loss
  • Pale or flushed looking skin
  • Track marks (needle marks) on the arms, legs, hands , feet or neck
  • Sores on the body
  • Always tired or fatigued
  • Red, bloodshot eyes
  • Missing work or school
  • Clammy skin, hands
  • Cravings for the drug
  • Restlessness
  • Muscle pain
  • Bone pain
  • Vomiting
  • Cold sweats or flashes
  • Goose bumps
  • Coma
  • Elevated temperature, blood pressure or pulse
  • Death

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Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Because heroin addiction is such a dangerous condition and because the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with the abrupt omission of heroin from daily use, it’s important to seek professional help if you or someone you know might be suffering from heroin addiction. Heroin addiction treatment provides a safe, medically monitored atmosphere where the patient can get the help they need to overcome the physical dependence on heroin and heal psychologically as well.

Heroin addiction treatment includes medically monitored detox usually in a hospital like setting, individual and group counseling, family counseling, and aftercare to help the patient completely overcome addiction and take control of his or her life. The safe and successful recovery of a heroin addict begins in a qualified, effective heroin addiction treatment center where caring staff including doctors, counselors and therapists work together to ensure that the patient makes a complete recovery.

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