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Crystal meth or methamphetamine is a dangerous stimulant when taken improperly. Although because it is highly addictive many doctors do not prescribe it anymore, it was once used to legitimately treat several disorders. Now the National Institute on Drug Abuse describes it as one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs available today. It has a very high potential for abuse and overdose as well as several very dangerous health consequences associated with it.

It is not surprising that many people seek treatment for a crystal meth addiction. It is extremely difficult to get away from using meth. It also has a very high potential for relapse. Luxury rehabs can be an excellent way for people to get off crystal meth before it is too late.

What are the Signs of Crystal Meth Addiction?

crystal meth addiction

Some signs of crystal meth addiction include insomnia and confusion.

Crystal meth has some of the most obvious signs of addiction and abuse. According to the National Library of Medicine and the NIDA for Teens, some of the signs of crystal meth addiction and abuse are:

  • Increased alertness and activity,
  • Constant sniffing,
  • Grinding the jaw,
  • Drinking water constantly,
  • Insomnia,
  • Anxiety,
  • Confusion,
  • Irregular heart rate,
  • Extreme dental issues,
  • Picking at the skin,
  • Talking very fast, and
  • Aggression and irritability.

Many people who are addicted will also exhibit outward physical signs of the addiction. These signs are:

  • missing or blackened teeth,
  • sores all over the body,
  • sunken or sallow appearance,
  • severe weight loss, and
  • pale transparent skin,

Many of these signs are present at once and have serious health consequences. If someone is exhibiting several of these signs, it is important for them to seek treatment as soon as possible. The long term effects of meth are often severe.

Who needs Treatment for Crystal Meth Addiction?

Although anyone addicted to crystal meth needs treatment for it, there are some who should seek treatment immediately. Examples of these cases are:

  • those who have overdosed on methamphetamine before and wound up in the hospital for it,
  • people whose lives are being seriously affected by the drug,
  • people who are doing things that they never thought they would to obtain crystal meth,
  • those engaging in high risk behaviors such as unprotected sex or driving while on the drug,
  • those who have a medical condition such as a heart problem or respiratory problem and are addicted,
  • people who suffer from other medical or mental health issues,
  • people who lost their job, their home, or family due to meth addiction, and
  • those who have difficulty getting through the day without taking crystal meth.

These signs are usually present in anyone who should use a rehab. Normally if you are thinking you might need rehab, you probably do.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab Centers

Inpatient and outpatient rehab centers are very similar in the services they offer but the method of delivery is different. Inpatient treatment is 24 hour residential addiction treatment. They offer:

  • meals,
  • entertainment,
  • a bed,
  • medication management,
  • medical care and evaluation,
  • continued treatment of existing illnesses while you are in the residential facility,
  • individual counseling,
  • group counseling, and
  • training on how to reenter society once you are drug free.

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to inpatient treatment. The advantages are:

  • a place to stay during treatment. Many people lose their homes or their living arraignments due to their drug use,
  • you are isolated and away from the things that caused you to use drugs in the first place,
  • you do not have to deal with your triggers immediately,
  • you have help available 24 hours a day,
  • you are among people who suffer from the same or similar triggers as you do, and
  • you can focus completely on your treatment.

The disadvantages of inpatient treatment are:

  • it is very restrictive,
  • some people do not do well in an environment that is too structured,
  • there is less of a variety of treatment,
  • you have to miss work or school while you are in treatment, and
  • it is not appropriate for single parents or those caring for other family members.

Outpatient treatment is the treatment option where you only attend treatment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You go to the treatment center for scheduled appointments and then you go home when you are finished. The services offered in outpatient treatment are:

  • medication management,
  • medical treatment for illnesses that coincide with the addiction unless you already have a primary care physician,
  • individual counseling,
  • group counseling, and
  • life skills training.

Just like with inpatient treatment there are advantages and disadvantages to outpatient treatment as well. The advantages are:

  • it is flexible,
  • it can be arraigned around your schedule,
  • you can attend school or work while you are in treatment,
  • you can care for your family and still take advantage of drug rehab, and
  • your friends and family or primary support structure remains intact.

The disadvantages of inpatient treatment are:

  • it is costly depending on the level of treatment,
  • you are still exposed to your triggers and reasons for drug use,
  • you have to go to the rehab center frequently,
  • if your home environment caused your drug addiction outpatient treatment will not work, and
  • it is much easier to relapse.

All forms of treatment has its pros and cons. You will need to examine your situation and decide which type of rehab is best for your crystal meth addiction. Every person is different in the things that they need from or want out of rehab.

What Does Luxury Rehab Cost?

How much luxury rehab costs depends on what services the rehab offers and what type of rehab it is. Some luxury rehabs cost a few hundred a day while others cost thousands. Much of the cost is based on the services that the rehab provides. Some of these services are:

  • art and music therapy,
  • exercise rooms or gyms,
  • saunas,
  • swimming and aquatics,
  • personal trainers,
  • private rooms and bathrooms,
  • gourmet meals and snacks,
  • a better staff to patient ratio,
  • more options in treatment techniques,
  • alternative treatments, and
  • more personalized approaches to treatment.

There are some ways to offset the cost of luxury treatment. Some insurance companies offer drug addiction treatment and there are government assistance programs available. Many of the treatment facilities today also offer sliding scale fees or payment plans so luxury treatment is affordable to everyone.

What Can Be Treated in Luxury Rehab Centers?

All addictions can be treated in a luxury rehab center. Although some addiction centers might specialize in specific conditions most do not. Since many meth addictions also involve being addicted to other drugs as well, most rehabs offer addiction treatment for most other drugs as well. This includes:

  • multiple addictions to a variety of drugs such as:

o powder cocaine,

o crack cocaine,

o amphetamines,

o methamphetamine,

o dissociative drugs,

o club drugs, and

o psychedelics.

  • addictive personalities,
  • mental illnesses both caused by and that are the cause of addictions such as:

o depression,

o anxiety,

o bipolar disorder,

o schizophrenia, and

o other mood disorders.

  • medical disorders that coincide or cause addictions such as:

o chronic pain,

o narcolepsy,

o Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and


  • non-drug related addictions such as:

o gambling,

o sex,

o food,

o video game,

o adrenaline, and

o shopping.

This is not all luxury rehabs can treat. Many of them focus on lifelong health and wellness. Each rehab center has its own list of illnesses that it treats. It is important to talk to a rehab specialist to make sure that the addiction treatment center you choose offers treatment for all of your addiction issues.

Since crystal meth is such a hard addiction to break, choosing the right luxury rehab is extremely important. With all of the options, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. If you need help, call us at 800-256-3490. We can help you review your options and find a luxury rehab that is a good fit for you or your loved one.

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