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Choosing the Best Luxury Dilaudid Rehab Centers for Yourself or a Loved One

Dilaudid also known as hydromorphone is a synthetic opioid painkiller, although it is mostly found in hospitals, it is still a highly abused drug. Although there are no specific statistics on Dilaudid, the Centers for Disease Control is calling overdose from opiate and opioid painkillers like Dilaudid an epidemic. The abuse of this and other painkillers is rapidly becoming one of the most widespread drug problems in the United States.

How is Dilaudid Abused?


It is difficult to illegally obtain Dilaudid.

Hospitals usually use Dilaudid as an IV painkiller for severe pain and it is only occasionally given out as a prescription. This makes it very difficult to acquire but because of its potency, it is still highly sought after. There are still ways that determined abusers get access to this drug. A few of these ways are:

  • through fake pharmacies,
  • dishonest pharmacists and doctors,
  • doctor shopping,
  • robbery of those that have conditions where Dilaudid and other drugs like it are likely,
  • breaking into pharmacies, dispensaries, and nursing homes, and
  • stolen or forged prescriptions.

The difficulty getting it, just makes it more popular.

What Can Be Treated in Luxury Rehab Centers?

Many things aside from Dilaudid that is treatable in a luxury rehab center. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, many addictions have other causes, that need to be treated before you will be completely free of the addiction. Most luxury rehabs are designed to treat the addiction, the cause, and the consequences. They treat:

  • single addictions like:

o cocaine,

o marijuana,

o alcohol,

o stimulants,

o opiates such as Dilaudid,

o psychedelics,

o hallucinogens,

o dissociatives, and

o amphetamines.

  • dual and tri addictions such as:

o alcohol and painkillers,

o stimulants and depressants,

o dissociatives and depressants,

o club drugs and depressants,

o prescription medications and stimulants, and

o a variety of other combinations.

  • mental health issues like:

o mood disorders,

o psychosis,

o post traumatic stress disorder,

o personality disorders, and

o schizophrenia.

  • physical health issues:

o chronic pain,

o narcolepsy,

o attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,

o nerve pain,

o arthritis, and

o other physical issues commonly associated with those who use drugs,

  • consequences of drug use:

o sexually transmitted infections,

o withdrawal symptoms,

o muscle and nerve damage, and

o malnutrition.

Most luxury rehabs focus on treating the whole person instead of just the addiction. They also focus on treating the whole addiction. They treat the withdrawal, the cause, and the consequences, unlike many other rehabs, which just treat the withdrawal and most obvious cause.

All people are different; this makes it hard to fit everyone into a cookie cutter form of treatment. Many experts agree that treating each person, as an individual is the best way to aid recovery and prevent relapse.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab Centers

There are both inpatient and outpatient luxury rehab centers. They offer many of the same services for treating Dilaudid addiction. They also have a few key differences.

  • Inpatient Luxury Dilaudid Rehab – this type of rehab is residential. You live at the facility while they treat your addiction, and all of the services offered are included as part of your stay.

o They offer:

  • Meals prepared by professional chefs,
  • Luxurious living quarters,
  • Opportunities for recreation,
  • Individual meetings with a counselor,
  • Group counseling sessions,
  • Medical care, including medication management, and
  • Life skills courses to help avoid relapse.

o Some of the advantages of inpatient rehabs are:

  • Intensive, and inclusive, addiction treatment,
  • Being removed from the environment that led to the addiction,
  • The ability to focus on getting well,
  • A peer support network of people who understand what you are going through, and
  • An opportunity to escape temptation until you know how to handle it.

o The disadvantages of inpatient rehabs include:

  • Cost,
  • A restrictive environment,
  • A lack of contact with friends and family,
  • Missing time from work or school, that may have to be explained, or cost you your job,
  • The possibility that you may not be able to get the exact treatment that you want,
  • A lack of privacy, as you are around people 24 hours a day, and
  • The fact that you are required to participate in the activities assigned to you in order to complete the program.
  • Outpatient Luxury Dilaudid Treatment – this type of treatment is nonresidential. This means that you are responsible for getting yourself to the rehab center for treatment daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the treatment schedule prescribed for you.

o They offer:

  • Medication management and/or replacement therapies,
  • Individual counseling sessions,
  • Group counseling sessions,
  • Basic medical care, and
  • Life skills training,

o The advantages of outpatient Dilaudid rehab are:

  • That you can continue with work or school, without having to explain any absences,
  • It allows your schedule to remain more flexible,
  • You can remain in contact with, and receive support from, your family and friends,
  • You don’t have to worry about missing any important events or family moments, and
  • You have more direct control over your treatment options.

o Disadvantages of outpatient Dilaudid rehab may include:

  • Expenses that are hard to predict, as each service is charged individually,
  • A higher chance of relapse than inpatient treatment,
  • An inability to escape the pressures of everyday life and focus on recovery,
  • The fact that it is not as effective in persons with a strong addiction, and
  • The fact that you have little, or no, peer support.

All forms of treatment have advantages and disadvantages. You will need to discuss your situation with your doctor, and decide which type of rehab is best for treating your addiction. Everyone is different, and needs different things to treat their Dilaudid addiction. The important thing is to take action.

There is one other form of addiction treatment that many people opt for. It is a combination of inpatient and outpatient treatment. You start addiction rehab in an inpatient environment. This gets you through the withdrawal process and the beginning of counseling. You learn how to deal with your triggers before transferring to outpatient rehab. Here you continue counseling and transition back into your home environment.

This combination treatment combines all of the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment. Combination treatments often have the highest success rates because they allow you time to adjust to the stress of being home while still providing support and counseling.

What Does Luxury Rehab Cost?

Unfortunately, the price of rehab does play a role in seeking treatment. It should not but it is something that you need to discuss with a rehab specialist before checking into treatment. The cost of luxury rehab depends on the type of rehab, length of rehab, and what services it offers.

Most of the time inpatient rehab costs from hundreds of dollars a day all the way up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. Some rehabs charge extra for amenities like private rooms or specialized meals and others do not.

Outpatient rehabs charge per service. Each service is usually paid at the time of the appointment or treatment. Each appointment can range between hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars depending on what the service is. Things like routine medical and counseling appointments cost between one hundred and five hundred dollars depending on the type of appointment and length.

Insurance plans sometimes cover all or part of the cost of a luxury rehab. It just depends on the plan that you have. In some cases, they may only cover the medical portion of the rehab while in others they just counseling or just inpatient treatment. Although it is not recommended, it is possible to tailor your rehab program to what your insurance covers.

Some rehabs offer sliding scale fees and payment plans depending on your income and need. There are also a few government grants that might help. It is best to discuss the cost of rehab with one of our specialists.

You can reach us at 800-256-3490. We can help make choosing a luxury rehab for you or someone you love a bit easier by explaining your options, making sure you understand the programs, and helping you figure out the cost. The time to get help is now, call us today, we can help.

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