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Choosing the Best Luxury Ecstasy Rehab Centers for Yourself or a Loved One

Ecstasy, a well known form of MDMA, is one of the more popular club drugs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, these club drugs are popular with teenagers and young. Since the drug gives you energy and lowers inhibitions, it is extremely popular in dance clubs and rave parties.

Unfortunately, ecstasy is psychologically addictive. The mind gets used to the feeling and lack of inhibition. Psychological addictions are some of the most difficult to break. That is why stopping at the first signs of addiction is so important. A luxury rehab can help you break the psychological bonds of addiction.

Who needs Ecstasy Addiction Rehab?

ecstasy addiction

Learn to spot the signs of Ecstasy addiction.

Those that need ecstasy rehab are harder to spot than people who are addicted to other types of drugs. Some of the signs that treatment is necessary are:

  • they start to neglect their physical appearance,
  • they stop showering or caring about personal hygiene,
  • they stop looking after their living space,
  • they start spending a lot of time in clubs and at raves, sometimes days at the same one,
  • they begin to neglect paying bills in favor of purchasing the ecstasy,
  • many users engage in high risk sex with multiple partners, overt and exaggerated sexuality is a huge sign of ecstasy addiction,
  • most ecstasy users wind up with some form of secondary infection or STI,
  • candy, pacifiers, lollipops and other things to suck on become accessories,
  • smelling like menthol or Vick’s Vapor Rub for no apparent reason,
  • they have frequent job changes or are late or absent from work,
  • they experience severe behavioral and mood changes, and
  • they have been admitted for overdose or ecstasy induced psychosis.

All of these are signs that the use of ecstasy is becoming a major problem. If you or anyone you know experience any of these symptoms, it is definitely time to seek treatment before it is too late.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab Centers

Inpatient and outpatient rehab centers are very similar in the services they offer but the method of delivery is different. Inpatient treatment is 24 hour residential addiction treatment. They offer:

  • gourmet meals,
  • various forms of entertainment,
  • luxurious rooms with private bathrooms,
  • medication management,
  • top-notch medical care and evaluation,
  • continued treatment of any existing illnesses or mental health issues,
  • individual counseling,
  • group counseling sessions, and
  • life skills training to help you reenter society once you are drug free.

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to any treatment program, and inpatient ecstasy treatment is no different. The advantages are:

  • a place to stay during treatment that is isolated and away from the things that caused you to use ecstasy in the first place,
  • the fact that you do not have to deal with your triggers immediately,
  • medical help or counseling available 24 hours a day,
  • that you are among people who understand what you are going through and are going through it with you, and
  • the ability to focus completely on your recovery.

The disadvantages of inpatient ecstasy treatment are:

  • a very restrictive environment that some people do not do well in,
  • there is typically less of a variety of treatment,
  • the fact that you have to miss work or school while you are in treatment, and
  • that it is not recommended for anyone that is responsible for the daily care of children or others.

Luxury outpatient ecstasy rehab is the treatment option is different, in that you only attend treatment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You go to the rehab center for scheduled appointments and then get back to your day. The services offered in outpatient ecstasy treatment are:

  • medication management and medical treatment for illnesses that your ecstasy addiction,
  • individual counseling,
  • group counseling, and
  • life skills training.

Just like with inpatient ecstasy treatment there are advantages and disadvantages to outpatient treatment as well. The advantages are:

  • that it is flexible,
  • that it can be arranged around your schedule,
  • the fact that you can continue to attend school or work while you are in treatment,
  • that you retain the ability to care for your family and still take advantage of drug rehab, and
  • that your primary support structure remains intact.

The disadvantages of outpatient treatment include:

  • a very high cost that can be surprising because each service is charged individually,
  • the fact that you are still exposed to your triggers and reasons for ecstasy use,
  • frequent trips to the rehab center, and
  • the fact that it is much easier to relapse.

All forms of treatment have pros and cons. Every person is different in the things that they need or want out of rehab. It is best to weigh all treatment options, and select the option that gives you the best chance to beat your ecstasy addiction.

What Can Be Treated in Luxury Rehab Centers

Luxury rehab centers often treat many types of addiction as well as the cause and consequences of them. Some of the common things that addiction centers treat are:

  • multiple addictions in a single person,
  • drug addictions such as:

o stimulants,

o amphetamines,

o cocaine,

o opiates such as painkillers, Fentanyl, and heroin,

o dissociative drugs,

o alcohol,

o psychedelic drugs,

o methamphetamines, and

o club drugs.

  • behavioral addictions like:

o sex,

o stealing,

o gambling,

o pornography,

o food, and

o shopping.

  • consequences of addiction including:

o pregnancy,

o infections,

o HIV counseling, and

o Hepatitis.

  • illnesses related to the addiction:

o chronic pain,

o sleep disorders,

o anxiety disorders,

o personality disorders,

o mood disorders, and

o other mental illnesses.

Although a few luxury rehabs choose to specialize in one or two addictions, most of them treat many addictions. According to the Department of Health, Australia’s article on Poly Drug Use and Methamphetamine, addictions often occur along side each other particularly with drugs like ecstasy that are taken with methamphetamine and other club drugs.

Addiction is not a solitary illness, it often occurs with addiction to other drugs as well as underlying mental and physical issues. Not only does addiction to ecstasy occur with other illnesses, it sometimes causes mental illnesses. This is why it is important for luxury rehabs to treat both the addiction and all of the other issues that come along with it.

Most luxury rehabs also have a focus on healing the whole person as well as the addiction. Many of them offer holistic treatments and therapies to help develop lifelong habits that prevent the addiction from reoccurring.

What Does Luxury Rehab Cost?

Just the word luxury inspires ideas of exorbitant cost but in truth luxury rehab can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars a day to thousands of dollars. The cost of luxury ecstasy rehab depends on:

  • the type of rehab – inpatient rehab usually charges a fee for the whole treatment program while outpatient rehab charges per service. In outpatient rehab you only pay for the services you use and since many of the services are flexible the cost varies drastically.
  • the length of rehab – the longer the rehab the more it costs. Inpatient rehab is usually 30, 60, or 90 days long. Outpatient rehab often charges at the time the service is rendered so a single counseling appointment has one cost while a medication management appointment has another.
  • what services are offered – a luxury service with all of the amenities will cost more than a simple service with just the basics. There is usually a single cost for the basics of medical and counseling and amenities are added to that.

A few things can offset the cost of rehab. Insurance plans sometimes cover all or part of rehab costs. What exactly it will cover depends on the rehab and the insurance plan. Review your plan provisions for more information.

Many rehabs also offer payment plans that allow you to spread the payments out over time. This is a very popular option for many people who cannot afford thousands of dollars upfront.

Some luxury rehab facilities have government grants or other types of financial assistance they can offer. Most of these are available through the rehab itself. For more information on these programs or for help with choosing a rehab program, you can call us at 800-256-3490. The time to beat your ecstasy addiction is now.

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