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Infections Often Seen in Addiction: It is Not only the Drugs that Can Kill You

Unfortunately, addiction is not the only problem you might experience if you use drugs. There are a variety of infections, some of which are annoying and some of which are deadly, that can result from drug use. Most infections can easily be cleared up by seeking help and addiction treatment.


Bronchitis is a fairly treatable inflammation of the interior lining of the lungs. Unfortunately, a chronic inhaling or smoking of the drug or inhalant causes chronic bronchitis. This is a reoccurring bronchitis that can lead to complicated pneumonia, COPD, or pleurisy.


Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. There are five types of hepatitis that some substance abusers experience. These are:

Infections Often Seen in Addiction

Drug abusers are at high risk of contracting hepatitis.

  • Hepatitis A – a viral infection usually seen when a drug user consumes contaminated food.
  • Hepatitis B – the common hepatitis infection among drug users because it comes from punctures, sex, and sharing paraphernalia with someone who is infected. It is blood, semen, and saliva borne so, it is very easy to catch. Hepatitis B is one of more dangerous hepatitis infections because it can kill quickly.
  • Hepatitis C – the most common hepatitis infection in the United States, mostly because you can have it and not know it. Along with hepatitis B, it is usually contracted through blood or sex.
  • Hepatitis D – although relatively rare, it is extremely dangerous. It is a blood borne disease that attacks the liver and usually occurs with hepatitis B.
  • Hepatitis E – this type like hepatitis A usually only occurs in filthy areas. It is usually found in unclean water sources.

Hepatitis is extremely common and most strains are associated with drug use. If you’ve contracted hepatitis due to drug use, it is time to seek treatment for both the disease and your drug addiction, call 800-256-3490 for more information.


Sinusitis is a constant inflammation of the sinuses due to inhaling, snorting, or smoking a variety of drugs. Although not deadly, it is annoying. With sinusitis you are constantly sniffling and your nose constantly runs.

Soft Tissue Infections

Soft tissue infections are usually bacterial infections that come from punctures and other cuts. According to the Centers for Disease Control, these infections usually come in the form of abscesses and cellulitis. Although they do not sound bad, an abscess can grow and eventually kill you.


STDs are a broad range of infections that often occur in drug users. They range from mild to deadly. Infections like gonorrhea, HPV, and syphilis are relatively common among those who use drugs, particularly due to high risk sex and IV drug use.

Why Seeking Treatment will Help to Treat These Infections

According to, there are many more opportunistic and secondary infections that come from using drugs. Seeking treatment for the drug addiction will also help you get treatment for many of these potential infections.

One of the many benefits of treatment is a medical exam. Once any illnesses are identified they can be treated, often times with a simple course of antibiotics. To find treatment call 800-256-3490, we can help.

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