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Crystal Meth Addiction

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The physical and psychological deterioration of the abuser’s health, relationships, and image make this addiction significantly visible. As one of the hardest addictions to recover from, methamphetamine drugs also stay in the body longer than other drugs. Top crystal meth treatment centers offer programs geared toward specific treatment of this addiction and its resulting consequences. Detox can be unpredictable due to the extremely volatile chemicals that have been introduced to the body. Crystal meth is manufactured in numerous ways and often contains poisonous substances one would never think of consuming until they became addicted to meth. Therapists and medical professionals offer safety, guidance, and medications when necessary. As other physical or psychological needs become apparent, ongoing counseling, therapy, and after care programs will be determined to reach the goal of abstinence.

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What is Crystal Meth?

Methamphetamine, in its crystalline form, is called crystal meth. Other names may include simply crystal or meth, speed, ice, glass, and crank. Methamphetamine is a highly addictive phsychostimulant drug that causes the brain to be flooded with dopamine. The powerful stimulant properties produce increased feelings of energy, alertness, and euphoria. Crystal meth abuse has increased dramatically in recent years. It is commonly manufactured in illicit laboratories or by amateurs and other individuals who use easily available, yet toxic, ingredients. The drug can be smoked, injected, or snorted and the effects typically last much longer than most other drugs. Long term effects are detrimental, causing damage physically and psychologically and these effects may be permanent or life threatening. The drug has become a dangerous problem in society because of the violent behaviors it tends to cause as well as the toxic fumes that are emitted and explosive during the “cooking” phase.

Leading Causes of Crystal Meth Addiction

As a highly addictive drug in the class of methamphetamines, using crystal meth creates a “rush” or “high” that may be compared to cocaine but, is longer lasting. The drug tends to stay in the body for long period of time and cravings are increased with repeated use. The surge of “self manufactured” crystal meth makes it available in all areas of the community and usually at a cheaper rate than cocaine. The effects are so prominent that the abuser’s physical and mental health suffers to the extent that the addict feels required to consume more of the drug just to feel normal.

Why Quit Crystal Meth?

Crystal meth abuse is extremely dangerous in a lot of ways. The abuse can cause physical problems to all of the organs in the body as well as the brain, sometimes permanently. Loss of teeth and sores or diseases of the mouth, also known as “meth mouth”, is common after long term abuse. Other dramatic physical problems may include sores on the body and face with other various skin ailments, extreme weight loss, and increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, seizures and death. Psychological effects may include paranoia, hallucinations, violent behavior and in some cases, full psychosis.

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Treatment Options

Crystal Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Crystal meth addiction withdrawal may be very complicated, severe, or life threatening. Serious physical and psychological symptoms can be more intense due to the toxicity of the drug and the many compounds that are used to develop it. Common withdrawal symptoms may be fatigue, anxiety, severe depression, flu-like symptoms, insomnia, irritability and other psychotic reactions.

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Treatment for Crystal Meth Addiction

Treatment for crystal meth addiction requires a specifically intense focus on this type of abuse. There are often many complications to the brain and body as the crystal meth addict’s health has been severely compromised. Treatment begins with a safe detox process that is monitored and managed by medical professionals. Therapists and other addiction specialists will guide the addict through continued needs suitable for recovery. This process may require more time for some and inpatient treatment is considered most effective for this type of addiction. The programs are designed to address physical and psychological concerns through individual and group counseling, therapy and support, medical interventions, and after care treatment options such as a 12 Step program or other outpatient services.

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