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Choosing the Best Luxury GHB Rehab Centers for Yourself or a Loved One

GHB or gamma-hydroxybutyric acid is a substance commonly found in the human body in small amounts. You also find it in many other places such as fruits, wine, and most animals. It is when it is taken in large amounts it produces an anesthetic effect. When taken in extremely large doses it causes forgetfulness, sexual excitement, and stimulation. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, GHB overdose usually results in death. This popular date rape drug is also psychologically addictive. This addiction often requires treatment.

When to get Treatment for GHB Addiction

GHB addiction

If you are waking up with no memory, you may be suffering from GHB addiction.

As with many drugs, it is difficult to know when use becomes addiction. Some signs that it is time to seek treatment are:

  • You wake up, realize that you have no memory of the night before, and are okay with it.
  • You crave GHB and the feeling that it gives you,
  • You feel lost without the drug,
  • You do not know what to do with yourself when you are not taking or planning to take GHB.
  • You do things that you would not ordinarily do when you are on GHB.
  • You find yourself taking more and more GHB in order to achieve the same results.

These are all signs that you are addicted to GHB and need treatment for the addiction. Unlike many drugs, GHB is not technically physically addicting but the psychological addiction to it can be extremely difficult to break without proper treatment.

Who needs GHB Rehab?

Anyone who has difficulty getting off GHB can use rehab to help. Since GHB is psychologically addictive, it can be difficult to get away from. The people who need GHB rehab the most are those who:

  • cannot get through a club or other experience without taking GHB,
  • suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking GHB. The symptoms of withdrawal are:

o chills,

o sweating,

o insomnia,

o delirium,

o cramps,

o anxiety,

o depression,

o aggression,

o tremors, and

o irritability.

  • will engage in activities that they would not normally do to acquire GHB,
  • cannot quit GHB on their own,
  • have tried other methods of quitting GHB,

There are many other reasons to quit GHB using a luxury rehab, these are just a few. Everyone has his or her own personal reasons to stop using it. One of the ways to determine whether your need GHB rehab or not, is to look at your life. If GHB has a negative impact on your life, social interactions, or your family, it is time to seek treatment for GHB addiction.

Types of Rehab Centers

There are three main types of GHB rehabs. There are the lower end government run rehab facilities. These facilities are often understaffed and have only the barest essentials for treatment. This is not to say they do not work. There are just no extras included.

Then there are private rehab facilities. Private rehabs are usually adequately staffed but do not have any of the amenities or services that make recovery easier. These rehabs do work but they do not usually have the success rate that luxury rehabs do.

Luxury rehabs are the high end rehab facilities. They have all of the extras that you need to make your recovery both comfortable and successful. Although government funded rehabs and private rehabs are adequate, they may not provide you with everything that you need. Luxury rehabs have all of the high tech and new solutions for drug treatment.

What can be treated at a Luxury Rehab?

Although GHB addition might be your primary reason to go to a GHB rehab, most rehabs treat other conditions as well. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug addiction is a complex issue. When psychological addiction is involved, it becomes even more complex. Luxury rehabs have to be prepared to treat other issues as well as the addiction to GHB. A few of conditions that are treated at luxury rehabs are:

  • secondary drug addictions such as

o cocaine,

o heroin,

o opiate,


o ketamine,

o amphetamines,

o methamphetamine,

o stimulants such as Ritalin, and

o almost any other type of addition.

  • mental illnesses such as

o psychosis,

o bi-polar disorder,

o depression,

o generalized anxiety disorder,

o acute anxiety, and

o other mood and personality disorders.

  • PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brought on by the drug addiction.

In addition to treating these disorders, counselors are also available to help with rape trauma, domestic violence, and family issues.

What do Luxury Rehabs Offer?

Luxury rehabs offer a variety of services and benefits that other rehabs do not. Luxury rehabs offer several treatments that other rehabs may not. Although these treatments are not strictly necessary, they can help you overcome your addiction faster and with less unpleasant symptoms. These treatments are:

  • art and music therapy,
  • animal and equestrian therapy,
  • herbal medicine and herbal alternatives,
  • aquatics and other exercise programs,
  • dietary and weight loss counseling and help,
  • onsite spas and saunas,
  • massage therapy,
  • yoga,
  • guided relaxation and guided meditation, and
  • alternative therapies.

Luxury rehabs also might have:

  • luxury accommodations,
  • private bedrooms,
  • private bathrooms,
  • luxury mattresses and pillows, and
  • gourmet food and drinks.

In addition to these amenities, there are also services that only luxury rehabs offer. These services are:

  • highly trained staff and doctors,
  • holistic and spiritual practices,
  • high-end chefs and waiters,
  • personal trainers,
  • nutritionists and weight loss counselors,
  • specialist doctors,
  • business assistants and business services, and
  • activity directors and individual trainers.

Many rehabs offer these services on a pay by service basis so you are only paying for the services that you use. It is important to discuss the services that you want before you enter into rehab. This will insure you get the services that you need to beat your addiction.

Luxury Inpatient versus Outpatient Treatment

Luxury treatment usually comes in three types. There are luxury inpatient rehabs and luxury outpatient rehabs as well as combination rehabs.

  • Inpatient treatment – inpatient treatment is a residential form of treatment. You eat and sleep at the treatment center. In a luxury inpatient facility, they see to all of your needs while you are staying there. Usually you stay at the facility for 30, 60, or 90 days until you, your doctor, and your counselors agree that you are well enough to leave.
  • Outpatient treatment – outpatient treatment is conducted through visits to the rehab center for doctors appointments, counselors, and other forms of therapy. In outpatient treatment, you visit the facility on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This gives you the opportunity to go to work or school while you are still in rehab.
  • Combination treatment – most luxury rehab facilities offer combination treatment. You start your treatment on an inpatient basis and then when you are both physically recovered from the addiction and ready to deal with your triggers you move to outpatient. The outpatient portion is usually continued counseling, therapy, and other services.

What does Luxury Rehab Cost?

The cost of luxury rehab depends on the type of treatment and the services offered. The more services, the more expensive the rehab. The cost of rehab ranges between a few thousand a day up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Some luxury rehab centers have services available ala carte. You can add the services that you want or need while in treatment. Other centers have all in one packages available. You will need to speak to the rehab’s financial counselor to decide which treatment plan and payment plan is best for you.

Most rehabs, luxury or otherwise have financial assistance and counselors available to work with you on how to pay for your treatment. They can help with:

  • payment plans,
  • financial assistance,
  • insurance claims, and
  • other cost related items.

It is a good idea to meet with the financial counselor before entering rehab. This way you do not have to worry about the financial end of things while receiving treatment.

Choosing the Best Luxury Rehab

Choosing a luxury rehab is an important decision. Fortunately, there is help available. Our counselors can help you go over your options and decide which type of luxury rehab is the right one for you. For more information about luxury rehabs for GHB addition, give us a call at 800-256-3490. It’s time for a change, we can help.

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