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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, amphetamine abuse is on the rise. This is partially because doctors still prescribe several forms of amphetamines to treat legitimate medical disorders. Unfortunately, amphetamines are highly addictive and stopping them suddenly has some potentially serious side effects. This means that a hospital or rehab facility is necessary to completely detox off amphetamines. Luxury rehabs offer the best treatment and possibly the best chance of recovery, but there are a few things you should know before choosing a luxury rehab.

Signs that you or Someone You Love is Addicted

If you or someone you love is addicted to amphetamines, you will notice signs of the addiction. These signs are very hard to miss particularly as the addiction progresses to dangerous levels. These signs are:

  • being unable to stop doing the drug,
  • having to take more and more to achieve the same effect,
  • purchasing amphetamines illegally,
  • finding other ways to get amphetamines,
  • acting strangely when questioned about their amphetamine use,
  • they appear extremely energetic or extremely fatigued, there is no in between, and
  • they are acting suspiciously with strange phone calls or leaving suddenly without saying where they are going, and
  • they show signs of withdrawal.

These are not the only signs of amphetamine use. People who are actively using amphetamines usually exhibit physical and psychological side effects from it. According to the National Library of Medicine these symptoms are:

  • hyperactivity,
  • vasoconstriction,
  • slow, rapid, or irregular heart rate,
  • varying blood pressure,
  • tremors,
  • heart palpitations,
  • convulsions,
  • possible risk of stroke or seizures,
  • weight loss,
  • nervousness,
  • paranoia,
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • stomach pain, and
  • insomnia.

These symptoms are often accompanied by cravings for the drug and anger or irritability when the drug is not readily available. Most people need to seek help when they start to experience more negative effects than pleasurable ones.

Who Does Luxury Amphetamine Rehab Help?

Luxury rehabs help anyone with an amphetamine addiction. They are particularly helpful to those whose addiction has gone too far. People who need amphetamine addiction treatment the most are those who:

  • feel out of control or feel as if their life is taken over by the amphetamines,
  • they have been treated for an amphetamine overdose,
  • are doing things that are completely out of character,
  • are exhibiting high risk behaviors or are suffering the consequences of those behaviors,
  • have people such as family and friends who are beginning to question their use or behavior,
  • the amphetamines are starting to interfere with work or school,
  • are having difficulty with your relationships at home and at work,
  • cannot sleep or eat to the point where it is unhealthy,
  • their living area or working area may be messier than usual,
  • they often suffer from drastic weight loss,
  • they look gaunt and drawn, and
  • they may stop bathing or brushing their hair.

Inpatient Treatment vs Outpatient Treatment

Luxury rehab comes in two basic varieties, inpatient and outpatient. Although these two types offer many of the same services they have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

  • Inpatient rehab – this type is a residential rehab that allows you to stay at the facility for as long as you need to. They provide meals, treatment, and a bed. Inpatient rehab works best when the amphetamine addiction is particularly strong or if your current environment is not conducive to getting off the amphetamines. Some people are close to their triggers or dealers while others have lost their home to the drug use.

o Advantages of inpatient treatment:

  • you have a place to stay,
  • it keeps you away from the triggers in your home or neighborhood environments,
  • it allows you to focus on your treatment rather than outside concerns,
  • it works well for severe addictions,
  • you have 24 hour access to doctors and counselors when you need it,
  • medical assistance during the hardest withdrawal periods,
  • it provides a structured environment for recovery, and
  • it gives you time to learn how to deal with life without drugs before you reenter society.

o Disadvantages of inpatient treatment:

  • it costly,
  • you cannot go to work or school during treatment,
  • you may lose your job or place at school if you are in inpatient treatment for any length of time,
  • it is very restrictive, and
  • you are away from your family and friends during treatment,
  • Outpatient Rehab – this is the type of rehab that you visit daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your schedule. They provide treatment and scheduling with doctors, therapists, and other rehab services. Outpatient rehab works best when your job, school, or family needs you to be available for the time you are in treatment.

o Advantages of outpatient rehab:

  • you stay at home,
  • the environment is not restrictive unless you are attending a scheduled portion of treatment,
  • you have your friends and family around you, and
  • you can work or go to school while in treatment.

o Disadvantages of outpatient rehab:

  • is costly,
  • is not always as effective as inpatient treatment,
  • there is a higher rate of relapse,
  • you are exposed to the triggers in your home or work environment, and
  • you have to attend regular, often daily appointments at a treatment center.

Inpatient and outpatient rehabs are very similar but do have some differences. These differences can influence the decision on which type to use. It is up to you to decide which type of rehab is best of you and your circumstances.

Services offered in a Luxury Amphetamine Rehab

luxury amphetamine rehabs

Many luxury amphetamine rehabs offer holistic treatment.

Luxury amphetamine rehab offers a variety of treatment services that may not be found in other rehab facilities. These rehabs have different services, staff, and accommodations than other rehabs.

  • Services:

o herbal options,

o holistic treatment,

o animal and equine therapy,

o art and music therapy,

o individual and group counseling,

  • Staff:

o specialists in amphetamine addictions,

o highly trained counselors,

o holistic practitioners,

o medical staff,

o dietitians,

o wait staff, and

o gourmet cooks.

  • Accommodations:

o luxury pillows,

o luxury bedding,

o private rooms,

o private bathrooms,

o gym,

o pool,

o sauna, and

o spa.

Luxury rehabs normally have a full range of addiction services as well as other health and welfare services. Many have beautiful views and picturesque surroundings. Although there are luxury rehabs in cities, many of them are in the country with large amounts of property surrounding them for privacy.

The Cost of Luxury Treatment

The cost of luxury rehab depends on whether it is inpatient or outpatient and the amenities offered. They range from a hundreds a day to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Inpatient rehabs often charge a flat rate for all of their services while outpatient rehab often charge per service. This cost can be off set in a variety of ways. These ways are:

  • government assistance,
  • insurance coverage, and
  • financial assistance from the treatment center.

Many luxury rehabs also offer payment plans to keep treatment affordable. Before entering a reputable luxury rehab, speak to their financial counselor about all of your options. You would be surprised at how affordable luxury rehab can be.

Other Issues Treated

Many other issues coincide with amphetamine addiction. Luxury rehabs are usually qualified to treat all of these issues including:

  • mental illness caused by the addition,
  • mental illness that was the cause of the addiction,
  • medical disorders such as narcolepsy or chronic pain,
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, an illness often treated with amphetamines,
  • low self-esteem,
  • addictions to other drugs, and
  • other issues related to addiction.

Most luxury rehabs offer a variety of addiction rehab programs including:

  • cocaine addiction,
  • opiate addiction,
  • methamphetamine addiction,
  • stimulant addiction,
  • club drug addiction,
  • food addiction,
  • gambling addiction,
  • sex addiction, and
  • other physical and mental addictions.

Whether you are looking for a luxury amphetamine rehab for yourself or for someone you love, choosing the right one is a hard choice. It is important to consider the type of rehab, cost, and other services offered before making a final decision. Before you commit to a rehab call us at 800-256-3490, we can give you the information you need to make this difficult decision.

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